The founder of is


Ninna Engelund, CEO

Ninna Engelund has since 1999 been self-employed in the healthcare industry. The company Dansk ErhvervsZoneterapi has serviced large Danish companies with staff care as reflexology, massage, acupressure, counseling on lifestyle and preventive exercises.

She has long collected ideas from her experience in the healthcare industry and has now decided to supplement her career with apps development.

The team is built up of contacts from the large network Ninna over the years has built up.

Sedentary work is now the cause of many disorders such as neck and back pain. By means of a few exercises one can both prevent and in many cases also cure these disorders.

With a smartphone / tablet at hand, you will always have your own little exercise program with you.

It should be easy to get better. Many people have a very busy life so that there might not be time / energy to get much done on the physical level.

Approximately 30% of total health expenditure in our modern world is spent on back pain, which means, here must be something to save.

The first app to be launched in the market coming from,therefore is an exercise program for the people having back problems.

Ninna Engelund was born with a creative vein and therefore, the appsbecomes a product of this. The exercises are performed by 3D avatars, which Ninna herself helped to design.

Some of the key words of the company are:

  • Easy to use
  • Quality
  • Globalization
  • Humor

There are still a lot of ideas waiting to become a reality by